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Alchemical Hypnotherapy uses 'interactive trance', a state of deep relaxation where the client is always conscious and, most importantly, in control of what happens. Clients are free to accept or reject any suggestion I make; I am simply the travel guide on this journey, and although I may get a sense of what is happening at certain points, I rely on their feedback so that we can work together to resolve whatever situations arise.

To induce trance I simply use my voice. The client is usually lying down with their eyes closed, while I guide them through a body relaxation, then maybe a guided visualization, such as a walk through the woods or along a beach, and from that point we journey back to the root cause of the issue.

The wonderful advantage of hypnotherapy is that for the client there is nothing to do to get to the root of their problem, other than to sink into relaxation in order to allow the subconscious to take them to the most relevant place. As well as being easy and extremely pleasant, this can bypass all the speculation, talking, analyzing and working things out that the conscious mind is so fond of.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy helps clients find their inner healing resources within the subconscious mind and teaches them to work with these powerful resources every day.

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