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What to expect on a visit to a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner

Your First Visit - A Healthier You Wellness Center, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Before your visit, you will be asked to fill out an intake form.  You can do this directly online when you schedule.

During your first visit, a TCM practitioner will make a detailed assessment of your overall health in order to identify any imbalances.

He or she will ask you about your subjective sensations of temperature (such as: are you habitually hot or cold?), sleep habits, the state of your appetite and digestion, and your thirst levels. If you report pain, the practitioner will ask what makes it better or worse. He or she will also study your appearance including your complexion, look at your tongue to examine its shape, size, color and texture, and take your pulse (a complex and subtle procedure that involves checking six different pulses on the inside of each wrist – according to TCM each pulse corresponds to a different system of the body).

Then, a treatment plan will be customized for you to help regain balance in the body, mind and spirit. Treatment modalities may include acupuncture, tuning forks, laser therapy, dietary advice, prescription of one or more herbal formulas or a combination of treatments, etc..